Vulca Edit

Vulca is a beserker-type class wielding a sword and a gun. He has an ability set which makes sure that you can focus on strafing the enemy and killing them, rather than worrying if you should retreat or not. Sometimes, of course, retreating is inevitable.

Abilities Edit

[PASSIVE] - Beserk Blade

When Vulca gets to below 50 health, he gains +.2 movement speed and damage. If he is below 20 health, he gets +.3 damage and +.4 movement speed.

[E] - Gun Stance

Vulca points his gun towards his mouse. It takes about a second to ready his gun, and shooting it costs 10 mana. If you hit somebody, you will deal 5-11 damage, and also decrease their movement speed for a few seconds by 0.1.

[Z] - Fiery Wave

Vulca slices his sword, casting a fiery wave. It tips more to the right the more distance it travels. Decreases defense by .1 and increases damage by 0.2. Costs 20 mana, and has a short cooldown.

[X] - Red Field

Vulca inserts his sword into the ground, casting a red field. This causes moderate AoE damage. Decreases defense by .2 and increases damage by 0.3. Costs 30 mana, and has a moderate cooldown.

[Z] - Red Imbue

Vulca 'supercharges' himself, gaining .24 movement speed and .35 damage. It also decreases defense by 0.1. Effect stays whilst cooldown is charging, and effect stays for 20 seconds, or half of the cooldown. Has a high cooldown of 40 seconds, including where the effect is.

[V] - Power of Red

Vulca swings his sword around 8 times, dealing small AoE and also giving 5.5 stun damage per hit. This decreases defense by 2, in return for .24 movement speed and 0.35 damage. Costs 50 mana, and has the longest cooldown.


Vulca swings his sword two times, shoots his gun forward only two times (this does not cost any mana), and then lunges forward.

Strategies Edit

  • If you're going for the kill, stop and think. If you don't have your Z, X and C abilities up, and don't have at least 80 mana, or they are on cooldown, then stay back.
  • Try to strafe your enemy. This will lead you to taking not nearly as much damage, and focus on this instead of your health.
  • Get right up close and personal. Unless it's an Obsidian or a Barbarian, or someone like that. Then you should stay back, and slow them down to a halt with your gun.
  • Don't attack too wildly, because tanks like Frigost and Omega can easily block your attacks, causing you to stagger easily.

Bugs Edit

  • Vulca can negate Siegmund's stun temporarily by using Gun Stance when Siegmund is about to stun Vulca. Stun does not apply until Vulca brings down the gun.

Nerfs Edit

None yet.