Tundrus is a ranged Hexer who weilds the Snow Gloves and the Winter Shooter. Tundrus' Winter Shooter fires a large volley of snow balls at enemies, dealing low damage each, but firing many at a time. Tundrus' abilities all slow enemies, allowing Tundrus to keep distance and fire the Winter Shooter. Tundrus' ultimate ability also has the power to freeze enemies.

Class Hexer
Sub-Class Mage
Physical attributes
Weapon Snow Gloves & Winter Shooter
Base Defense 1.0
Base Damage 1.0
Base Walk-Speed 0.9

Abilities Edit

[PASSIVE] [E] [Z] [X] [C] [V]

Strengths Edit

  • Slows enemies and debuffes their defense, making them easier to kill.
  • Has a healing ability
  • Has a powerful ranged weapon

Weaknesses Edit

  • Snow Gloves are very weak
  • Winter Shoots takes lots of mana
  • Has no engagement abilities
  • With Winter Shooter equipped, will not regenerate mana

Trivia Edit

  • Tundrus arrived in the Winter Update of 2015.
  • Tundra was the nick name for Tundrus, as everyone kept saying that by mistake. This is probably because of Tundrus' ultimate ability; Tundra.
  • Freezing the enemy with Tundra actually buffs the their defense by .4.

Bugs Edit

None of 2.1.15. :D