Trooper is a Mage class who fights with his Joys, a pair of pistols. Trooper one of the 2 classes with guns, the other being Vulca. This give Trooper a good advantage being able to shoot others who rely on melee. Although stated as a ranger, Trooper's Joys tend to have powerful blast that are more than effective at dispatching hostiles at closer ranges.

Abilities Edit

[PASSIVE] - Adrenaline

Trooper gains increased damage by 0.08 for every attack landed. Every 4 seconds, the additional damage is reduced by 50%. Additional damage affects all of Trooper's abilities.

[E] - Gun stance

Trooper aims his gun at where the cursor is aiming. On reactivation or click, Trooper fires a bullet out of the gun dealing 7-9 damage. While aiming, Trooper's movement in reduced by 0.7. Shooting takes ammo.

[Z] - Reload

Trooper recovers ammo. Max ammo is 16. This ability uses 25 mana to cast.

[X] - Deadly Impact

Trooper charges forward. If trooper hits an enemy, he deals 5-10 damage, large knockback and decreases their movement speed. If Trooper has 2 bullets, Trooper also shoots, knocking himself backwards. If you do not have 2 or more bullets, and use Deadly Impact, it will only decrease half the cooldown. You can also make Trooper go one way by turning your character around using first person, or the shift lock feature. This ability uses 30 mana.

[C] - XV Bullet

For a couple of seconds, Trooper's bullets gets an added AoE damage, triggering upon hitting a player. Each shot reduces enemy defense by 0.2 for 13 seconds. This ability lasts 45 seconds, and it consumes no mana. The cooldown is 90 seconds.

[V] - Obliterate

After a short windup, Trooper overcharges the Joys, moving forward and shooting in a storm of bullet explosions. Each shot costs 3 mana, and this ability lasts as long as Trooper's mana is higher than 3. This ability can be cancelled by pressing V or the ability button again, and it can not be controlled using first person or shift lock. Cooldown is 20 seconds, and it shoots

Strengths Edit Edit

  • Constant buffs to attack on every hit
  • Ranged
  • Decent defensive powers

Weakness Edit

  • Weak without ammo
  • Very short melee range
  • Will get shredded if someone gets the drop

Strategies Edit

  • Most people tend to end fights with Deadly Impact, as it deals heavy damage and gets them away from the person so afterlife kills don't happen.
  • Obliterate is one of the most powerful abilities in the game, dealing very high damage if you get too close for too long. Its also very powerful at vulturing as it can deal around 40 damage to two people in a single drive by.
  • Obliterate hurts people in a larger range than the visual effect.

Bugs Edit

  • If you aim downwards with the joys, you can fly across the map by bouncing on it. [PATCHED] 

Nerfs Edit

Obliterate cooldown tripled. Damage still not nerfed, though.