Tempus is a support class who wields Kam's Hand. Tempus controls the power of time, being able to increase movement of allies and cripple those of enemies.

Abilities Edit

[Passive] - Temporal Distortion

Tempus has another bar called Distortion. When Distortion is full, an ability will not cost mana, but instead use up all, or part, of the Distortion bar. Mana is also renamed Wakfu.

[E] - Temporal Image

Creates a neon blue clone at Tempus's location. When pressed again, Tempus teleports to the clone and damages enemies around the previous area. Tempus's movement will be reduced by 0.1 for a few seconds. Teleporting back to your previous image will reduce half of the current distortion and 50 Wakfu, but creating one does not require anything. It is good creating a Temporal Image before you start fighting someone, so that you can escape if need be.

[Z] - Clock

Gives allies around the Tempus movement and damage. Enemies around the Tempus will take damage and reduced movement. It has quite a large area of effect, therefore capable of damaging multiple enemies. This is useful if you are surrounded.

[X]- Graviga

Creates a ball of gravity at the location of the mouse. The ball reduces defense and does damage to anyone around it. It continues until you run out of Wakfu, or press X again.

[C] - Time Crack

Tempus slashes at the closest enemy. When the key is pressed continuously, the Tempus keeps slashing. It damages the enemy and slows the enemy down, and can be effective from a short distance even if the staff doesn't touch the target. But if you hit your enemy with your staff in your basic combo, you can use it from any distance, making this a good tactic to use when someone is trying to run away.

[V] - Temporal Stun

Tempus channels for a few seconds, then reduces the enemies around Tempus's attack and movement to 0. Tempus then gains additional movement. Like Clock, this also has a large area of effect.