Spectre is a fighter class that wields the GhostWalker. He has the unique ability to swap between Physical and Phantom Forms. He can deal raw damage with combos, and can chase enemies at the expense of lots of mana.

Abilities Edit

[E] Phantom Form - Spectre can activate his Phantom Form, which is his own spirit. In this mode, his spirit cant be damaged, and can deal consecutive combos dealing good damage. However, this can leave Spectre's body (who is controlling the spirit) open to enemy attacks, and wastes mana by an extreme rate.

[Z] Ghastly Grip - Depending how far the opponent is, Spectre can shoot a beam that can grab opponents to him. As he is transporting them, the enemy gets damaged when grabbed to Spectre.

[X] Ominous Matter - Spectre creates a field anywhere he wants to place. This field increases damage to Spectre and allies, and reduces defense to opponents. Can also be used as an advantage to the Phantom Form, as Phantom Form comes from the Ominous Matter and increasing damage to the spirit's already impressive combo.

[C] Spirit Orbs - Spectre summons a spirit orb that revolves around him. If pressed consecutively, he can summon more orbs. The orbs cause knockback and damage to enemies that come too close to Spectre. This is useful in Phantom Form, as Spectre is protected by these orbs. In addition, while in Phantom Form, the orbs can deal increased knockback damage to the opponent approaching Spectre.

[V] Phantom's Mark - After being hit by any Phantom part of the Spectre (eg: His final move of his combo or his phantom form), he teleports to them, doing massive amounts of damage and giving severe debuffs. There is a glitch, which allows you to teleport to places where someone marked has already been killed, giving you another escape route.

Things to keep in mind Edit

Spectre is a medium class to play. Spectre has a large amount of ways to chase down enemies, combined with gaining more mana per hit gives Spectre control of the whole battlefield. However, Spectre has almost no way of escaping tricky battles, so getting trapped can lead to its downfall. Spectre is an incredibly valuable class during team deathmatch, as Ghastly Grip can pull enemies away from players that are nearly dead. Spectre's Ominous Matter is incredibly powerful, as it gives extra damage. Placing it near an enemy, with a large amount of mana is the ultimate combo, as Phantom Form comes directly from the Ominous Matter. Since Phantom form is impossible to hit, you can destroy Tanks, such as Obsidian and Omega quickly. Spectre however, does not fair well against Rusher classes like Proto or Renegade or other hard hitters such as Vulca, Barbarian, and Anubis.How ever if you are fighting another spectre remember that you can not phantom mark them and you can hit they're phantom form so be careful