Sievert is a mutated soldier with the Galvan's Wheel. Sievert is fueled by radiation, and is a rusher class. He can do devastating damage with many attacks, and brittle down enemies. However, too much radiation can damage him, and he mostly uses melee attacks and nothing else.

[PASSIVE] Rads - Sievert has a Rads bar instead of a Mana bar, and this has its own advantages. The Rads bar can regenerate a lot faster than the mana bar, and each time Sievert uses an ability, it regenerates even faster. The Rads bar can change color at certain points from green, yellow, orange to red. It is even represented in the Galvan's Wheel too. Beware going over 175 rads, at that point, the Wheel turns red, and starts damaging you.

[E] Glorious Mutation - When Sievert hits 120 rads, he can lift the wheel on his shoulder, and gain a new set of attacks. On the other hand, it lowers Sievert's rads. This is also useful when Sievert has too much rads, and can reduce it. Once activating the mutation, you cant stop it, and the Rads bar will keep going down until zero, and everything resets there.

[Z] Little Boy/Fat Man -

[X] Bulldozer/Saw Scrape

[C] /Rubber Burn

[Z] Nuclear Winter/Nuclear Meltdown -