Proto is an extremely offensive fighter. His main ability is dealing a magnificent amount of damage to his opponent breaking them down with multiple hits. Though his damage is powerful, his base damage is pretty low. Proto can also combo quite easily.

Abilities Edit

[PASSIVE] - Relentless Fighter

Proto cannot be staggered through attacking normally. His stun and stagger animations also go faster, and his stun bar doesn't go up nearly as fast.

[E] - Flight

Proto flies using a jetpack which doesn't use a lot of mana. To counter this, there is an overheat bar, which limits the ability. If the bar reaches 100, then Proto explodes, creating an short explosion that can stun the enemy and yourself as well as lowering your speed by 0.2. Deals damage to yourself and enemies.

[Z] - Punishment

Proto jumps up, doing an aerial flip. This swings his blades around, hitting 5 times.

[X] - Reaping

Proto slashes in front of him several times, and with each slash, it lowers the enemy'sy's defense by a bit.

[C] - Critical Stab

Proto stabs once in front of him, dealing increased damage.

[Z] - Etheral Blades

Once activated, Proto can do 3 extra slashes for every hit. In addition, this can also prove as great combos with Punishment and Reaping to brittle enemies down, as the effect will also be added in those attacks. This ability does not actually use any mana, but because of its extremely long cooldown, it should be used as a last resort.

Pros Edit

  • Has huge damage potential
  • Chases and runs away from enemies with ease using his jetpack
  • Stagger and stun is virtually non-existent
  • Can't be kited because of jetpack

Cons Edit

  • Can avoid damage using knockback (e.g. Renegade's Z)
  • Has poor crowd control
  • Has little damage potential without using his V
  • Little range when jetpack has high overheat/explodes

Bugs Edit

No known bugs as of yet.

Nerfs Edit

None as of the creation of this post. Keep on demolishing!