Omega Edit

A tank class, and usually, a defensive class.

Abilities Edit

[PASSIVE] - Guard+

If Omega gets hits with his block up, his block bar will only decrease by 40. Omega can also block even if his block bar is only at 50.

[E] - Guard

Omega raises a green barrier around him, staggering all opponents who try to attack him.

[Z] - Tortioise Shell

Omega summons a green ball, which he can then control using the mouse. As he keeps this up, Omega's defense decreases. It can also damage enemies.

[X] - Omega Stance

Omega poses in a stance.

[X] [W] - Bash

Omega charges forward, increasing his defense by .2 and dealing some damage if hitting any enemies.

[X] [S] - Slam

Omega flips forward, dealing AoE damage and stun damage when Omega hits the floor. This increases Omega's defense by 0.2.

[C] - Stomp

Omega stomps the ground, creating AoE damage. It also increases Omega's defense by 0.2.

[V] - Buster Slam

Omega charges forward. If he hits an enemy, he slams the enemy on the ground, decreasing the enemies defense and creating a damage AoE. Omega can knock enemies off platforms with this, and he can also charge down with the enemy. Knocking them off platforms is good for knocking into kill areas, e.g knocking Kactus Men off the training area. If you charge down with the enemy, the more height that you go down with the enemy, the more damage you will deal. If Omega misses, though, he will get -.2 movement speed and defense for a couple of seconds. Hitting with Buster Slam only decreases the cooldown by half.

Bugs Edit

None known bugs as of yet.

Nerfs Edit

None at the time of this post.