Ichor, a tank class/brawler who fights with Ichor Gauntlets. Having high defense and a good stun rate, Ichor is the strongest at close quarters combat. Ichor is one of a few classes with the ability to teleport. Ichor lacks ranged attacks and has few ways of engaging enemies.

Abilities Edit

[PASSIVE] - Blood Thirst

Along with Mana, Ichor uses Blood. Blood is gained from attacking others or being attacked. Blood is gained by 30% of damage dealt, rounded down. With higher Blood, Ichor gains increased damage and defense at the cost of speed. At full blood, Ichor has 1.6 defense, 1 damage and 0.6 movement speed.

[E] - Transposition

Ichor sends blood to a target. If the target is friendly, Ichor will increase their defense and heal them by 20% of Ichor's HP, otherwise Ichor damages the enemy.

[Z] - Fury Hit

Ichor punches in front of him 4 times, dealing 5-8 damage and reducing defense by 0.05. If Ichor has more than more than 40 blood, the punches will explode with blood, giving the attack AoE.

[X] - Blood Bind

Ichor punches forwards makes a pact with affected target. For the next 20 seconds, Ichor can use Assault.

[X] [X] - Assault

Ichor teleports to the victim. If the person is an enemy, Ichor deals damage on teleport. If Ichor assaults an ally, Ichor will swap places, allowing Ichor to fill up his blood bar by taking damage for his team.

[C] - Impact Fist

Ichor dashes towards the opponent with his fist, and makes impact. This can make the opponent fall, making an opening for an attack.

[V] - Punishing Blow

Ichor hits one fist at the enemy, and then kicks, making a red AoE, dealing tons of damage. If it doesn't hit, the cooldown is reduced to a 1/3. It has a high (but not instant) stun. This uses up all the blood Ichor has, and will have higher damage the lower health, and more blood, Ichor has. Only use as a last resort.

Overlook Edit

Strengths Edit

  • High potential
  • High damage per hit
  • Tanky

Weakness Edit

  • No ranged abilities
  • Shares the same walk-speed as an Obsidian with full armor, at max blood.
  • Misses a good amount of hits, because his enemies are out of range.

Tips Edit

  • Rapidly clicking while jumping in the air can boost you foward with the third aa (auto-attack) which is the kick
  • Using "Blood Bind" then "Assault", you can potentially dodge "skill-shots" like Nether's "Void Breaker", since Assault allows you to teleport to the back of the person you just used Blood Bind on.
  • Your E "Transposition" also works on Seigmund and can teleport him to where you are. Unfortunately you cannot teleport Nelfhem :(

Bugs Edit

None known bugs yet. Hooray!

Nerfs Edit

None as of the making of this post. Woohoo!