Frigost is a Fighter class swordsman. He uses the Glaciem and the powers of Ice to slow the movement of an enemy till they can't escape. Although lacking ranged attacks and only have 1 engagement ability, Frigost makes up for it with high damage combos and a lethal slow.

Abilities Edit

[PASSIVE] Guard Counter - Every time Frigost successfully blocks an attack, the Glaciem will release a wave of Ice, dealing light damage but a heavy slow of 0.3 along with a knockdown.

[E] Guard - Blocks the next attack. Blocked attacks deal 0 damage to the guard user. Can only be used when Block meter is at 100. Succesful block drains Frigost's block bar to 0

[Z] Icicle - Frigost summons a line of ice spikes in front him that decrease movement speed and do a good amount of damage. Spikes can be controlled by the camera direction in First Person or with Shift Mouse Lock.

[X] Shatter Sword:- Frigost slashes with the Glaciem and deals good damage along with a slow and attack debuff.

[C] Glacier Shield - Frigost Slams down of the ground and charges forwards. The slam deals 5-8 Area damage plus good defence buff to a Frigost and the Charge deals around 12 damage plus knockdown to a single target.

[V] Absolute Zero - Frigost charges for a few seconds, forming an aura that damages enemies lightly and slows them down, then releases a icy shock-wave that inflicts instant stun and does massive damage.

Trivia Edit

  • Frigost is the one of the most hated class for several reasons including: Intense slow, Lethal combo, Large AoE special, Over powered block, etc.
  • Frigost is the default class. If you join a game, you will be Frigost automatically.

Bugs Edit

  • After using Absolute Zero, Frigost can use Glacier shield right after and deal great damage along with a stun followed a knockdown.
  • Absolute Zero sometimes doesn't stun for unknown reason.                              
  • Perfect block bug. Frigost can block without fully using his block bar, this will stagger his enemy but won't use Frigost's passive. That bug was "fixed" in recently updates but not completely. Much harder to do it now.