Commander is a Supportive Fight class that wields a gungir named Cherubim. Commander is great for supporting himself or allies, and always helps out as team. Commander can switch modes with the Cherubim, between offensive and defensive, changing some affects of his abilities. Commander is a force to be reckoned with, as his passive powers him up, while enemies attempt to take him down.

Class Fighter
Sub-Class Support
Physical attributes
Weapon Cherubim
Base Defense 1.0
Base Damage 1.0
Base Walk-Speed 0.9

Abilities Edit

[PASSIVE] Guardia - Increases defense/damage of near by allies depending on how low Commander's hp is.

[E] Mode Change - Commander can change the the gungir to offensive, or defensive mode.

[Z] Defend Wave/Buff Wave - Commander hits the Cherubim on the ground, dealing medium damage and knock-back to near by enemies, and buffing allies defense/damage by .2 depending on the mode you are on.

[X] Guardian Dash - Commander gains wings and prepares to fly. Clicking on an ally will send commander flying into them, buffing both of their defenses by .2. Clicking on an enemies will send commander flying into them, dealing medium damage, knockdown, and decreasing their defense by .2. Re-toggling the ability will send Commander dashing forwards, dealing medium damage to enemies who get struck and buffing Commander's defense.

  • Targeted Attacks consume extra mana for distance traveled.

[C] Decimate - Commander jumps in into the air, flips upside down, slams the Cheribim into the ground, and flips back. This gives enemies a .2 damage debuff and deals AoE damage.

[V] * - Commander charges the Cherubim in the air then releases the energy. Deals medium damage over a large area and (Usually) causes instant stun.

  • Can be blocked

Strengths Edit

  • Constant buffs gives an advantage to any team
  • Powerful passive makes Commander hard to kill
  • Sword has long reach
  • Can instant stun
  • Ability to switch modes makes commander a versatile fighter.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Missing Guardian Dash eats your mana.
  • Can't deal with kitting classes like Trooper due to having only 1 engage ability

Trivia Edit

  • If the targeting you are charging at with Guardian Dash dodges the attack, Commander will automatically turn around to try and hit him again. This wastes lots of mana quickly. Press X again to untoggle ability if you miss.
  • Commander's passive used to be much stronger, too strong. Was debuffed as of *

Bugs Edit

None as of 1.1.16 Hooray!