Barbarian Edit

Barbarian is a Tank class who fights with the Morning Star. Having an extremely high stun rate through basic attacks and abilities, Barbarian is the stun exploiter. Barbarian can also heal him-self using Rest, similar to Abyss.

A defensive fighter with a huge mace who abuses the stun feature, building up stun on enemies with such ease, rendering them incapacitated constantly, leaving Barbarian's enemies vulnerable several times. Barbarian has high durability and energy regeneration, but Barbarian lacks the damage, crowd control, and range, making Barbarian's enemies recover faster than before.

Class Tank
Sub-Class Fighter
Physical attributes
Weapon Cherubim
Base Defense 1.4
Base Damage 1.0
Base Walk-Speed 0.9

Abilities Edit

[PASSIVE] - Stamina

Instead of a Mana bar, Barbarian uses Stamina. Stamina is gained passively like Mana at a rate for 3 Stamina per second. With higher Stamina, Barbarian gains increased damage. With lower stamina, Barbarian gains increased defense.

[E] - Rest

Barbarian kneels down and recovers Stamina at a rate for 5 Stamina per second. This also increases his Hp regen to. While resting, Barbarian's defense is reduced by 0.3.

[Z] - Pummel

Smash the face of a stunned enemy into the ground.

  • Deals high damage
  • Can be spammed
    • Only works on stunned enemies

[X] - Omega Stance Was origianly called "bash" but got changed to a stance where you take your clothes off and strip dance at de pole of major's "rapier"

[C] - Pain Bringer

Bring the pain with a 360 spins with your Morning Star. Deals medium damage with high stun. Combo attack.

[V] - Cataclysm

Jump up in the air and smash the ground, dealing AoE damage with high stun over a large area. Deals around 7-10 damage and can hit up to 4 times. Hits and damage are affected by distance from the center of impact.

  • Minimum damage possible is 4 damage in 1 hit.

Stats Edit

Strengths Edit

  • Base 1.40 defense (With 0 Stamina, 1.2 with full stamina)
  • Powerful AoE ultimate ability
  • High stun rate

Weaknesses Edit

  • Has no ranged attacks
  • Has no speed buffs
  • Only has 1 engagement ability

Trivia Edit

  • As with all abilities with forced movement, Bash can be used to fling the character a great distance if you jump right after casting.
  • Careful when using Bash, as the charge deals only 50 stun. The smashing hit at the end of the ability deals the other 50 for an instant stun.
  • If bash hits a player in mid-air, they still receive the stun (Hopefully) but will be pushed back a few studs thanks to knock-back. This makes it harder to get over there and use Pummel.

Bugs Edit

  • Bash sometimes causes the character to stop moving. This often triggers the "Missing Animation" bug.

Nerfs Edit

None at the time of this post. :D!